Why should I invest in my earning keywords?

Working with Adsense and your websites, you should remember one ‘Golden rule’. It says that you should invest in your earning keywords, in order to multiply your revenue. Let’s look at the algorithm of this.

1.Earning keywords identifying

The aim of this step is finding out the keywords that bring you the majority of visitors. You can use Google Analytics or some external tools, like SEMrush. Just set the period of 30 days and see all the keywords that were effective for your website.

2.Find phrase match keywords for the ‘earning’ ones

Once we got the list of so-called ‘earning’ keywords, we should move further and expand this list. Getting the phrase match keywords is the best option for this. It turns the phrase, including the keywords we had earlier.

3.Evaluate phrase matched keywords

How do we evaluate the keywords we found? Look at the search volume, the CPC and the competition index. In this case, competition should be lower, while CPC and the search volume should be higher.

4.Use potentially profitable keywords only

In order to know, how profitable the keywords will be in the future, you should use Google Trends. It forecasts the estimated number of searches for the particular keyword for the next year. This is just a prediction, based on the statistics that Google has.

5.Develop a content

When you have the profitable keywords for your project, all you need is creating enough content for them. It’s like an investment, that should be made for getting the profits in future.

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