Why I don’t like Google Adsense

Without any doubt, Adsense is a great way of income for thousands of people, running their websites and blogs. However, there are several factors, which make this advertising network not so great, as it could be. Let’s check them out.

1.Adsense ‘steals’ your visitors. Right, when a person clicks ads on the pages of your website, he or she is automatically redirected to the advertiser’s website. It’s normal, but it’s a fact. The new page isn’t opening in another tab of the user’s browser.

2.You need to get approved. If you are new to Adsense, your website should get an approval to work in the network. It may be not so easy, even if it’s old enough.

3.Adsense’s support is too slow. If you need to ask them anything, you will probably wait for several days, before getting the response.

4.Bans are permanent. If you break the Adsense’s rules, they will definitely ban you and your websites. If so, you won’t be able to recover. The system doesn’t work with publishers again after their banning.

5.Low click prices. Adsense offers too low prices for click if only your visitors don’t come from the US, Canada or Western Europe. The price for click in India or China may be much lower.

6.Waiting for the check is another reason to hate Adsense. You can’t get your money from them directly, using any online service. You need to get your check, which may be delivering for days or even weeks.

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