Use this tricks to increase your Adsense earnings!

The experienced webmasters state that your revenue with Adsense can differ if you customize your ads appearance. That’s why you should always keep on experimenting with the settings in order to find the perfect solution. In this article we’ll describe some basic strategies, which can make your ad more clickable and profitable as well.

  1. Image or text

The most popular question, which arises before any webmaster, is whether we should switch our advertising to banner image or to the text format in order to gain better financial results.

As experiments show, everything depends on the niche of your website, the keywords that are used and the design of the ads image. Sometimes this strategy works well. We can advice you to enable both banner and text-links ads in order to increase your potential earnings.

  1. Website elements imitation

One more example of the successful Adsense trick is a button imitation. This technique is used for different file sharing websites, where the user is proposed to download some digital content. The Adsense block is placed in the center of the page, so that the user thinks he should click it in order to get his file. Using this trick, you should be sure that you don’t break Google Adsense rules.

  1. A ‘Wait’ page

One more interesting strategy is a ‘Wait for 30 seconds’ page with Adsense creation. It can be also used in case you work with some file sharing platform or so, when a banner or a link is demonstrated to the user.

You can use many others tricks in order to increase your Adsense earnings. But you need to learn some basic rules of the system first, in order to avoid your account suspension.

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