Use psychology to earn more on Adsense!

The experienced webmasters, who work with Adsense, have a theory. They claim that you can earn money on your website only in case you understand the psychology of user, his motivation for some certain behavior. You should look at your website with a 3rt-person’s eyes in order to realize, what you are doing and  why. However, such an approach can make your online-page much more profitable. Here is what it means.


First of all you should take care of the place on your website, where you’d like to paste your Adsense code on. That is the part of your page, which is most seen by a user, who comes here at first. For example, you should pay attention to the places for ad units on Google Search page. They are left top corner of subheader and a sidebar. You can use these places as well, in order to start testing the profits from your ads.


One more important factor is the format of ad. It can be whether dynamic banner or a static text – it depends on the content of your website and on its design. You can choose to show either both of ad units types, or some certain one. Such experiments can show you, which type will bring you more profits.

Next steps

After you’ve launched Adsense ad on your website, you can move on and add some new ad units or change the format of installed ones. All these experiments will show you, which decision was more profitable than the others. You can use this experience for your next Adsense websites too.

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