Text & Image or just a Text?

As we know, Google Adsense allows turning both text ads only and the rich media (banner & images) as well. However, the user is offered to choose, whether he wants to see all kind of ads on his website, or just some one certain type. In this article we’d like to discuss this question – which kind of advertising is preferred for the higher earnings on your project.


There are several common opinions. The first one, for example, claims, that you can earn more, if you mask your Adsense sponsored links to the design of your website. For examle, you pick such kind of ads design, which imitates your navigational menu, which makes your user sure, that he still surfes your website. As a result, he isn’t afraid of clicking the links (though he would ignore the banner, realising, that it’s just an advertising).


There is also another approach. According to this, you should better choose an option of showing both text and image ads. The explanation for such a choice is simple: a system chooses, which type of ads will be shown next, according to the bid of advertisers. That’s why more expensive ads will be shown.

This strategy, as many blogers say, is a more profitable. It either brings you the most expensive clicks, or allows your user click attractive banners as well.
In our mind, you should choose the option according to the type of the website you work with. Howeover, the best advise ever is experimenting and trying different solutions, watching the results.

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