The hardest $100 on Adsense

Google Adsense’s minimum amount of money to withdraw, according to the rules of the network, is equal to $100. It’s a well-known fact; that’s why each new member of Adsense, especially if he has just started his blog recently, dreams of earning this first hundred as faster, as possible. It allows withdraw the money and get the check. However, as the experienced bloggers claim, this first $100 is the most difficult-to-be-earned. Why is that?


The explanation for this fact is pretty simple. When you start earning with Adsense, in most cases you get the pure, unpopular website with 10 articles and zero visitors. Obviously, it brings no clicks for your ads and no cash to your bank account.

The time goes, and your blog gets some visitors. The number of clicks increases, and some first cents get on your balance. The ads earns your first dollars.


However, moving from, let’s say, $2.41 on your balance to $100 is pretty difficult. If your blog is new, you have no enough visitors to make enough clicks. As a result, you slowly move to $10, $12, $15 and so on. It takes long months, or even couple of years, to receive your first paycheck. But then things go faster.

The experienced bloggers (like the author of DailyBlogMoney, for example) confirm this statement. Most of them start earning slowly, showing their patience and hard work, in order to get the first $100. But with time the popularity of a blog grows, and the numbers grow faster as well.