How to monetize your WordPress with Adsense?

WordPress is the most popular blog platform in the world. It’s used by millions of people due to its flexibility, simplicity and functionality. No need to say that many blog owners ask about the possible ways of monetization for their projects, using Google Adsense. In this article, we’d like to tell more about this.

No need to know programming language

If you think that for inserting Adsense into your blog, the programming language is necessary, you are wrong. There are so many online tools for combining your project with the most popular ads network, ran by Google, that even the person without any special skills can do that.

However, the ways that you can insert ads into your blog are quite numerous. For example, you can use a special plugin, or make some changes in the settings; or you may edit your theme, inserting the shortcode, provided by Google. Everything depends on the place, where you’d like to show your ads for the visitors.

Picking the right plugin

The simplest way to insert ads into the blog is using the plugin. There are thousands of them, presented in the WordPress plugins directory. The majority of them are free; while some offer a ‘Pro’ version that has a wider functionality than the basic one. For finding the right plugin you should enter ‘adsense’ into the search bar at the plugins directory. The rating of the plugin will help you choose the best one. Sometimes it’s worth trying several products, in order to see the difference between them.