Searching for the long tail keywords

Any SEO-specialist knows, that targeting long tail keywords is the only way to attract any new visitor. No matter, if you are working with some high- or low-competitive subject, you should always start with a long-tail keyword. It is you chance to get some top positions and increase your traffic in the future. Another question is how to find these keywords and aim the most profitable of them. Let’s talk about in this article.

1.Google suggestions

The most popular tool to look for the long tail keywords is Google suggestions. This name is used for the mechanism in the Google search engine, which shows you the suggestions when you do the search. For example, it can continue some of your phrases. These suggestions are the keywords, searched for by the users. It means, that there must be some traffic in Google, looking for these phrases. Optimizing your website correctly, you can catch it pretty easily.

2.Google Trends

Another good service for discovering some long tail niches is Trends by Google. It can also show some related queries, which are the best result for those, who do the keyword research.

3.Special services

There is a bunch of services, which allow you to find some profitable long tail keywords for your niche. They can be either paid, or the free ones – depending on the opportunities they provide. Such services offer some additional services as well, analyzing the competitors’ websites and much more.