SEO is a key to increasing your Adsense earnings

It’s not a secret, that Google pays much attention to the SEO side of any website. You Adsense earnings is not the exception. If you want your project to bring you some income, you should care of different criteria, used by the search engines, in order to provide them with as much information about your content, as possible. Let’s mention some simple examples.

Let’s imagine, that you have a special ‘members-only’ section for some premium users. Naturally, it’s not presented in the SERP, so Adsense crawler has no access to it. If you don’t want to get any kind of irrelevant ads on these pages (and, by the way, if you don’t want to lose you money as well), – just allow Adsense bot to scan the pages. It can be made with the help of Google bots IPs, which can be found on the web. Using them, you can give an access to the users with this IP range, so that Google will be able to get the most relevant ads. Besides, your premium users will be satisfied as well.

Another good example is splitting your Google Adsense into the Custom Channels. It’s used for the advertisers, who prefer buying ads in different sections of your website. For example, let’s say, you have ‘Sports’ and ‘IT’ ones. Adding the custom channels allows you to get more relevant ads and, as a result, earning more. Besides, your users will be more satisfied with the ads they see as well.