Avoid low-CPC keywords instead of hunting for earning more

There are special lists of the keywords with high CPC on the web. They contain keywords and phrases that can bring you several dollars per each click. Not bad, right?

But instead of dreaming about these words, maybe it’s worth analysing your website and removing the keywords that lower your CPC with $0,01-worth clicks? Let’s look at the strategy that we would like to offer to you for earning more.

1.Find out your low-revenue pages

Connecting your Google Analytics and Adsense accounts allows you to see, which pages earn less. This report can be easily exported to spreadsheets and studied in order to understand, which content brings you more and why; and which content is less profitable for us.

2.Find out high-traffic keywords

Now using Google Webmaster Tools we can see, which keywords bring us more traffic. Export them and check their actual CPC, using your Adwords account. Now you can see the comparison of all of them.

3.Testing time comes

Now you should sort all of the keywords you have, in order to see the bigger picture. The worst case for you is having the keywords with big traffic that bring you the lowest income. They should be ignored while paying attention to the most-paying KWs is needed.

Broaden your semantic core, using the received information; develop new content for your project and you’ll see the profits growth soon.

One more thing you should remember is that CPC is not a constant measure. It may be changed with time. So this test may be made each month for a higher effectivity.


Keywords for Google, Keyword Planner and its opportunities

Keywords are a powerful tool, which is used by Google for different purposes at the same time. First of all, they let the search engines to define more or less relevant content and form some kind of search results page with the proper links from top to the end of a screen. The second role of keywords is played in advertising. They are also used to look for relevant ads to be shown on the pages of different websites.

Either publishers or webmasters use keywords for their purposes – to get more relevant traffic for their websites or landing pages. Each of them understands that keywords can bring them some profits if used wisely.

Whether you are a webmaster or a publisher, you should not waste an opportunity to waste your opportunity to gain more traffic and earnings as well! Use some free tools, provided by Google in order to help businesses. Adwords Keyword Planner is one of such tools.

It’s pretty easy-to-use, but, at the same time, it’s a very powerful tool, which has different functions. First of all, a keyword planner can show you the estimated amount of traffic, which can be brought to your page, if it takes the first place in SERP for some proper keywords. Than we can consider a Planner showing some estimated CPC for the given keywords. It’s a maximum cost for each visitor for a publisher and an estimated earning for one click for webmaster.

Besides, Planner can give you some ideas for other related keywords. Using them, you can create more content for your site and, as a result, to gain more traffic.