Big articles bring bigger profits in Adsense

Many people, who are new to Adsense, have a common question. It relates to the amount of content you should post on your website, in order to get some cash from this. Naturally, each webmaster wants posting less content (due to the time and money expenses, connected with this). At the same time, each website owner wants to get more profits, so that’s how the question arises. We tried to analyse some facts, in order to find an answer.

So, why bigger article is better, than the smaller one? SEO is the first thing, which benefits from writing a big post. Under the ‘big’ an article, containing 600-700 words is meant. More words allow posting more keywords inside the text, leaving it natural still. At the same time, if you post several keywords in a row in one sentence – it will look terrible. Mixing KWs with other parts of your article will improve your website.

The place for ads is another benefit from writing big posts. Let’s say, if you insert 3 banners on one page, you should ‘mix’ them with text, in order to make it look natural. The more content you have – the more space for banners is available. As a result, it increases the chance, that a visitor will click your ads, bringing you some cash.

Besides the mentioned above facts, big articles may be more interesting for your visitors. If we are talking about really precious content, your visitors will be glad to read it.