How to earn on Adsense with your news site?

The news is one of the most popular categories on the web. Millions of people are seeking for some recent information, concerning events that happened before. All of them are visiting the news sites – the volume of traffic in this niche is amazing. But if you run a news site, you still face some difficulties with monetizing it.

One of the main problem, which news sites face with is a lack of focus. The majority of visitors doesn’t pay enough attention to the sidebars of these websites – they simply look through the headings and read the text shortly. The duration of an average session of each visitor is not so high, that’s where the problem comes. It results in having small earnings with a pretty popular project. What is the probable solution for this?

The first thing you should do is analyzing the behaviour of your visitor. Google Analytics is the best tool to do it. You should simply set up Analytics code and gather some data, showing the way your visitor behaves. It may help you define, which type of news are the most viewable; which of them are read by the visitors, and which are ignored; find some strategy to create more engaging content, using the received information.

After this, you should think well. Is Adsense your best solution, or maybe you should try teasers? Or you should try making your ads block less visible? Make several experiments and see, what is the most effective approach to earning with Adsense, using your news site.

Making money with your hobby site with Adsense

There are many popular websites, related to some hobbies. They may be quite popular if this website’s owner is really interested in the topic of this project. It may become even something better than the usual website, growing its own community and a constant audience.

However, popularity still doesn’t guarantee high income from Adsense, as well as from any other source. It’s not a secret that hobby-related web sites are difficult in monetization, especially if the topic of the project is pretty specific. Sometimes people,  visiting such communities, don’t pay attention to the Adsense banners, what leaves the website owner with no earnings. So, how can you monetize your hobby site better?

First of all, we should mention that these advices may suit for any kind of project you run. The best solution that you can have for making money is selling something. Is your project related to fishing? Then sell fishing accessories. Do you have a community of joggers? Sell accessories for running. Find goods that may be interesting for your audience and start reviewing them. In this case, Adsense blocks would look more naturally and will be much more useful.

If Adsense brings no good results, you still can try any other ways to monetize your website. For example, putting some affiliate links into the posts on your blog will bring you some customers and a commission for each sale. Or you can start your own online shop, making money as a seller.

The key thing for increasing your earnings in this way is experimenting. Try something new, compare the results and get more money!

Why I don’t like Google Adsense

Without any doubt, Adsense is a great way of income for thousands of people, running their websites and blogs. However, there are several factors, which make this advertising network not so great, as it could be. Let’s check them out.

1.Adsense ‘steals’ your visitors. Right, when a person clicks ads on the pages of your website, he or she is automatically redirected to the advertiser’s website. It’s normal, but it’s a fact. The new page isn’t opening in another tab of the user’s browser.

2.You need to get approved. If you are new to Adsense, your website should get an approval to work in the network. It may be not so easy, even if it’s old enough.

3.Adsense’s support is too slow. If you need to ask them anything, you will probably wait for several days, before getting the response.

4.Bans are permanent. If you break the Adsense’s rules, they will definitely ban you and your websites. If so, you won’t be able to recover. The system doesn’t work with publishers again after their banning.

5.Low click prices. Adsense offers too low prices for click if only your visitors don’t come from the US, Canada or Western Europe. The price for click in India or China may be much lower.

6.Waiting for the check is another reason to hate Adsense. You can’t get your money from them directly, using any online service. You need to get your check, which may be delivering for days or even weeks.

How to prepare your website before applying to Google Adsense?

It’s not a secret, that working with Google Adsense is regulated by their inside rules. In general, they are liberal and easy-for-applying, but there are some moments, which you should pay attention to. In this article we’ll discuss some steps, that you should make in order to apply your blog for Google Adsense.

1.Your website should have enough content, in order to be able to work with Adsense By ‘content’ they mean a text content in particular. So that you should know, that some photo galleries won’t be able to pass this ‘filter’.

2.Design is another key requirement for your blog. If it has simple white background and an ads in the middle – be sure, that you break Adsense rules, applying such a website.

3.Different contact pages (‘About Us’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Our policy’ and so on) are also a ‘must-have’ for Google. They are the confirmation, that your website is alive and active.

4.Other reasons for being rejected in Google Adsense include low-quality content, the absence of organic traffic etc. Illegal websites also are being rejected by the moderators from Google.

Also we’d like to advise you to learn more about this advertising network’s rules more, in order to not get banned right in the first days of your making money with your website.

Regular content posting increases your revenue

As we know, search engines pay tribute to the websites, which provide their users with regular publications on interesting topics. Let’s say, if we take two websites and compare them, the higher ranking in SERP will be given to the one, which provides its visitors with posts every day/week/months; but the one, which has a couple of posts in several months. It’s obvious, that a regular project has much more responsibility for its content.

Higher SERP-ranking is a straight way to increasing the number of your visitors. Let’s say, it’s the higher volume of your traffic and, as a result, the bigger amount of your ads views. And it influences your revenue positively, as well.

So, online marketing specialists are right. Build your content strategy first, in order to get the higher ranking from search engines and earn more. This will also bring more visitors to you website’s pages and, as a result, will allow you to create your community with more success.

But how can a regular content posting be achieved? It’s either simple or difficult questions. It’s obvious, that the only thing you need for constant posting is some certain amount of articles (like, let’s say, 30-50 pieces in a month), in order to fill your website. However, they must be planned well, in order to get some audience. It requires either a responsible copywriter or a good content budget from your side.

If you do it well, this approach will bring you some nice results in bigger Adsense revenues and attractive checks from Google.

Increase your Adsense earnings through optimization

Earning with Adsense can differ a lot, if you change your strategy. Thousands of people claim, that with the help of several techniques they manage to increase their income in 200%, 300% and even more, with the same amount of traffic. It proves, that maybe the money, you earn with your website today, can be multiplied just if you do some optimization well… In this article, we are going to discuss the procedure of optimization of your Adsense ads.

In order to get the most actual statistics of your website, you can use free and powerful tool, called Google Analytics. It’s easy to connect those services for sharing the data between them. With such a connection, you will see the real situation with your website. It will show you, for example, the areas on the screen, where your visitor pays most of his attention to. Or it will show you the behavior of your users.

Optimization, in this case, is a set of steps, aimed to increase your earnings. For example, it lies in placing your ads on the most popular places of your website; in visual ‘hiding’ of your ads, making it look similar to your website design. There can be also a lot more ways to earn more. Customizing your ads type can also be included in this list.

Using Analytics can provide you with everything you need for doing well with your Adsense revenue. Just be attentive to the stats you get and act fast!

How to predict the popular keywords for your website? (Part 1)

Each webmaster knows how it can be difficult to search for the new, trendy and actual keywords with a low level of competition. Most of the niches are taken already; and those, which are still available to get in, in most cases, are not so perspective, as we’d like to. So, we should use any available trick in order to get some fruitful keywords. Here we’d like to present a couple of them for you.

1.Google Trends

It’s not the secret, that Google has already launched a tool, that follows the most popular trends on the web. It shows, which topics were the most ‘hot’ on the web, depending on the date and the country. The only thing, you still need to do is gather some semantic core for some ‘tasty’ niche and to launch the website. Google Trends show popular things at the particular moment or in the past, but you can also predict, which of them will be still demanded in future. For example, it can be something like the launch of a new service or the start of new mobile phone sales.

2.Sport/political/entertaining events

Another way for searching the perspective niche is looking at the calendar of events. For example, some country’s referendum, elections or debates, either as new film launching, can be the great topic for your website. You can start doing SEO for it for couple of years before, in order to get some traffic in the future. Such tactics can be applied to any kind of event as well.

Watch some next interesting tips for good niche searching in our next article.

Plan keywords for your website with Keyword Planner

Each website has the semantic core – a set of keywords, which are used for its content. We can also call it as a topic of any website.

If the owner is going to monetize his website, he puts Google Adsense code on its pages and gets income from visitors clicking his ad blocks. Naturally, the price per each click differs, depending on the CPC (the cost-per-click value). It can differ either from page to page, or depending on the ad unit. However, the biggest impact on the CPC parameter is made by the keywords, presented on a page.

This fact gives an opportunity to the website owner to increase the price of click on ads with adding some high-paid keywords. How can we find such ones? Right, with the help of Google Adwords Keyword Planner!

It’s a free service, provided by Google, which can definitely help us to find the most high-paid keywords and use them for our content.  Of course, they must be relevant to the whole topic of our resource and should look ‘organically’ on the page of our website.

In order to gain bigger profits from your website, plan keywords with Keyword Planner! This tool can advise you, which KWs are more valuable and, consequently, more profitable for you. Than start creating a proper content for them! It will make your website interesting and useful platform for your visitors. Yes, and this will also increase your earning from Adsense as well.

Keywords for Google, Keyword Planner and its opportunities

Keywords are a powerful tool, which is used by Google for different purposes at the same time. First of all, they let the search engines to define more or less relevant content and form some kind of search results page with the proper links from top to the end of a screen. The second role of keywords is played in advertising. They are also used to look for relevant ads to be shown on the pages of different websites.

Either publishers or webmasters use keywords for their purposes – to get more relevant traffic for their websites or landing pages. Each of them understands that keywords can bring them some profits if used wisely.

Whether you are a webmaster or a publisher, you should not waste an opportunity to waste your opportunity to gain more traffic and earnings as well! Use some free tools, provided by Google in order to help businesses. Adwords Keyword Planner is one of such tools.

It’s pretty easy-to-use, but, at the same time, it’s a very powerful tool, which has different functions. First of all, a keyword planner can show you the estimated amount of traffic, which can be brought to your page, if it takes the first place in SERP for some proper keywords. Than we can consider a Planner showing some estimated CPC for the given keywords. It’s a maximum cost for each visitor for a publisher and an estimated earning for one click for webmaster.

Besides, Planner can give you some ideas for other related keywords. Using them, you can create more content for your site and, as a result, to gain more traffic.

Searching for the ‘Top-100’ high-paid keywords for your future website

Have you ever met the list of ‘top-paying keywords’ on the web? I’ve done. And I think that it’s not necessary to look for the top-paying keywords for getting some good earnings with Adsense. You can use these lists whether just for fun or as a source of ideas, which niche could you choose for your next website. But, in the second case, it’s better for you not to use certainly ‘high-paid’ keywords, but pay attention to their topic and to the sphere of business, which they are connected with.

If we glance at the ‘top-paid’ list, we’ll see some general, one-word length keywords from the most competitive niches. It’s obvious that it would be difficult for you to get in the top of SERP of Google in these niches. However, you can start searching for long-tail words, related to these ones.

Let’s take, for example, such super-competitive search phrases, as ‘rolete’ or ‘live blackjack’. With no doubt, the top-10 websites from these niches have spent hundreds of thousands on their SEO (maybe even more) in order to take the leading positions. You can just start looking for some very long-tail words from their topic in order to gain a relevant traffic. After creation of the website, you can start promoting it, doing some SEO and, as a result, earning on Adsense or some affiliate programs as well.

Of course, our gambling example is wrong because that’s not the most appropriate niche to start with. You’d better try something less competitive (though, it doesn’t appear in ‘top-100’ high-paid list).