Busting 4 myths about Adsense

There are several myths and misconceptions, related to Adsense. They are spread by the bloggers and money makers, who didn’t practice well enough to realise that these myths are myths. In this article, we’d like to reveal a couple of them.

1.Having more than 3 Adsense units per page

Some people think that it’s possible to put more than three Adsense units on the single page, in order to earn more. They use an empty DoubleClick for units. It may be a working strategy for the short period of time, but not for the long run. This approach may be easily revealed by Adsense moderation and lead to your account block.

2.Adding multiple websites lowers your earnings for each of them

People say that adding multiple websites to the same Adsense account results in lowering the average RPM and the earnings for all of the projects. But that’s not true. It relates to the average data of your account only. The statistics for each of the websites still aren’t influenced.

3.Google ranks websites with Adsense higher

There is a myth, saying that the websites with Google Adsense are ranked higher, than those that don’t use this tool for monetizing. The logic is simple: Google wants to increase its own earnings.

The reality is that the fact of using Adsense doesn’t influence the site rankings.

4.Other ad networks on your page doesn’t affect Adsense

Some webmasters say that putting other ad networks to your site shouldn’t affect your Adsense earnings. Actually, it does. Your Adsense RPM will be affected with no doubt.