Increasing your Adsense earnings is simple

We have already published some materials, concerning the ways you can increase your Adsense earnings. There are so many articles, posts and forum threads on the Internet, related to this question. Hundreds of experts describe the probable ways you can multiply your clicks and grow your earnings from Adsense on your website. Let’s discuss some of them in this article as well.

Get some users with adblockers!

According to the statistics from adblocker plugin page in Google Chrome store, about 100,000,000 users in the world use special software that blocks ads on your website. It makes surfing the web more comfortable for these people, but it influences your earnings negatively because people simply don’t see your ads. The Adsense experts offer to make some effective steps in order to get this traffic and monetize it.

Use special software for detecting the users who have adblock enabled. You can deliver some message, like: “Please, turn off your adblocker for using my website” that would make these people see your ads. This trick is possible for the websites which share a really precious content: the only highly interested visitor can disable the plugin after seeing this message.

Target your content

It’s a well-known fact that only a high-quality content is interesting for the visitors. If your website is not interesting, it won’t simply bring you any click and any cent. That’s why you should use targeting – a strategy of creating a content that will engage your visitor.

There are many ways to do it. Great-looking images, catchy headings, videos, etc. All of this stuff allows you to attract your visitor and show a targeted, relevant ads to him. That’s where the profits come from.

Topic of your blog influences your Adsense earnings

In the previous articles we’ve already mentioned some important factors, that influence the amount of money, you earn with Adsense. CPC, your niche competitivness, the number of visitors you have and so on. In this article we’d like to talk about another important thing, such as the topic.

There is a limitless number of topics you can cover in your blog. You can write either about some broad topics, like the ‘financial news’, or you can keep posting to your blog about some daily routine of your car. Both of the projects may be successful enought, they can become popular and get some audience. But, on the other side, the profits from each of the blogs will be different.

Choosing the topic for your blog, you should first understand, whether it’s commercial or not. The commercial topics are much higher paid, than the non-commercials do. That’s why you should pay attention to this fact, if you run your project for making money. If your blog’s main aim is different (maybe it’s just your hobby and you are writing there for pleasure), than you don’t need thinking of this.

However, you should not start a blog just because it belongs to the profitable niche. It won’t be interesting for you in the future, as well as the competinion on this market may be much higher.

At the same time, you can use some other way to monetize your blog, except of Adsense. Promoting some Amazon items, selling an access to the closed VIP-section of the blog and so on – all of them may bring some cash for you.