Change your Google Ads placement to increase your CTR

Each pay per click advertising specialist knows: changing your ads positioning influences your earnings directly. It may either increase your revenue when you chose the ‘right’ place to show your ads, or drop your earnings down if you do something wrong. In this article, we are going to show you the real example of the way it works.

1.Change ad size

Many Adsense webmasters use the custom size of the banner that is recognisable by the visitors. PPC specialists say that this strategy may be a wrong way, leading to losing money. Instead, try experimenting with the non-custom ads sizes that will fit your website design. Your task is putting it in such way that the ads will look like an element of your project (though such manipulation is a rules violation, it works at some websites well).

2.Image & Text are not always the best option.

You probably know that setting ‘Image & Text’ mode for your ads allows delivering the best ads for your visitors. But it may be the wrong decision in some particular cases. For example, the blog owners claim that for making their Adsense blocks look fine, they turn ‘Image only’ or ‘Text only’ modes, depending on the place where this block is located.

3.Change places.

The location of your ads is also highly important. For example, placing ads close to the text block may be either good or bad solution. Some people experiment with inserting Adsense code into the posts. Other put it below the header. Change your ad’s position and see the results, picking the best one.