Starting business with Adsense from $1

Many people, listening to the gurus, who tell about earning thousands dollars on Adsense, have a strong desire to start such kind of business on their own. However, it may seem to be too expensive and difficult, to do it. Especially, if we tell about the passive income with Adsense, which would allow making some money for living.

In this article we’d like to tell you, that the real requirement to start with Adsense is your desire. All of the other things are optional.

The sense of this article is pretty simple – don’t afraid of starting. You can buy a new GLT domain name for as low as $0.99 (AlpNames, NameCheap and so on) and attach it to any kind of a free hosting you know (Weebly, for example). After this install the website, post some content and start its promoting all over the web. It’s a simple strategy, which can lead you to success.

The content must aim some niche, which is not much competitive. Research the keywords in this niche and create the proper content. You can read more about search enging optimization for your project, using Google.

Some 20-30 articles are enough to start with. After their posting they’ll be indexed by the search engines (Google in particular). From this moment they can potentially bring some new visitors for your website. Then you should get some backlinks for your website, in order to increase its search rank.

Let’s say, if you have not just $1, but $10 or $100 – you can scale up this business easily, creating optimized content and promoting your websites on the web.


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