Searching for the top paying keywords in Google

When you do earning with Google Adsense, you should always think well about the keywords, you are oriented on. They are something like a strategy for your website, which allows bringing more visitors to your project.

Many webmasters target on some low-competition keywords, in order to get higher positions in Google and, at the same time, to increase the number of visitors they have. However, if we are talking about earning with Adsense, it’s not such a good strategy. Here is the answer.

Google Adsense has such an important value, which influences your earnings greatly, as a cost per click. It shows, how much money you will earn per each click, made on your ads. So, multipliyng this value the number of clicks allows getting the actual amount of money you earn.

If you target some low-competitive keywords, your CPC, just as your income, may differ.

That’s why a lot of professional marketing specialists advise looking for the keywords with a big number of advertisers. It would then mean, that that the clicks on the ads, shown in the SERP for these keywords, a paid well. But how to find such niches?

Google will help you! Turn off your ad blocker plugin (if you are using such one at the moment) and type the keywords you have in the Google search. If you see any sponsored links in the top of a page, you may be sure, that the niche you are aiming has some perspective to work for. It guarantees profits from your website in the future.


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