Searching for the ‘Top-100’ high-paid keywords for your future website

Have you ever met the list of ‘top-paying keywords’ on the web? I’ve done. And I think that it’s not necessary to look for the top-paying keywords for getting some good earnings with Adsense. You can use these lists whether just for fun or as a source of ideas, which niche could you choose for your next website. But, in the second case, it’s better for you not to use certainly ‘high-paid’ keywords, but pay attention to their topic and to the sphere of business, which they are connected with.

If we glance at the ‘top-paid’ list, we’ll see some general, one-word length keywords from the most competitive niches. It’s obvious that it would be difficult for you to get in the top of SERP of Google in these niches. However, you can start searching for long-tail words, related to these ones.

Let’s take, for example, such super-competitive search phrases, as ‘rolete’ or ‘live blackjack’. With no doubt, the top-10 websites from these niches have spent hundreds of thousands on their SEO (maybe even more) in order to take the leading positions. You can just start looking for some very long-tail words from their topic in order to gain a relevant traffic. After creation of the website, you can start promoting it, doing some SEO and, as a result, earning on Adsense or some affiliate programs as well.

Of course, our gambling example is wrong because that’s not the most appropriate niche to start with. You’d better try something less competitive (though, it doesn’t appear in ‘top-100’ high-paid list).

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