Regular content posting increases your revenue

As we know, search engines pay tribute to the websites, which provide their users with regular publications on interesting topics. Let’s say, if we take two websites and compare them, the higher ranking in SERP will be given to the one, which provides its visitors with posts every day/week/months; but the one, which has a couple of posts in several months. It’s obvious, that a regular project has much more responsibility for its content.

Higher SERP-ranking is a straight way to increasing the number of your visitors. Let’s say, it’s the higher volume of your traffic and, as a result, the bigger amount of your ads views. And it influences your revenue positively, as well.

So, online marketing specialists are right. Build your content strategy first, in order to get the higher ranking from search engines and earn more. This will also bring more visitors to you website’s pages and, as a result, will allow you to create your community with more success.

But how can a regular content posting be achieved? It’s either simple or difficult questions. It’s obvious, that the only thing you need for constant posting is some certain amount of articles (like, let’s say, 30-50 pieces in a month), in order to fill your website. However, they must be planned well, in order to get some audience. It requires either a responsible copywriter or a good content budget from your side.

If you do it well, this approach will bring you some nice results in bigger Adsense revenues and attractive checks from Google.

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