Plan keywords for your website with Keyword Planner

Each website has the semantic core – a set of keywords, which are used for its content. We can also call it as a topic of any website.

If the owner is going to monetize his website, he puts Google Adsense code on its pages and gets income from visitors clicking his ad blocks. Naturally, the price per each click differs, depending on the CPC (the cost-per-click value). It can differ either from page to page, or depending on the ad unit. However, the biggest impact on the CPC parameter is made by the keywords, presented on a page.

This fact gives an opportunity to the website owner to increase the price of click on ads with adding some high-paid keywords. How can we find such ones? Right, with the help of Google Adwords Keyword Planner!

It’s a free service, provided by Google, which can definitely help us to find the most high-paid keywords and use them for our content.  Of course, they must be relevant to the whole topic of our resource and should look ‘organically’ on the page of our website.

In order to gain bigger profits from your website, plan keywords with Keyword Planner! This tool can advise you, which KWs are more valuable and, consequently, more profitable for you. Than start creating a proper content for them! It will make your website interesting and useful platform for your visitors. Yes, and this will also increase your earning from Adsense as well.

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