Mask an ad unit on your website

One of the greatest advantages of Google Adsense is its universal approach to advertising on the web. Though it has some strict rules and different regulations, this service also gives us some freedom, which is presented, for example, by different design of an ad unit. You have the full right of choice of how the advertisement on your website will look like and how it will be seen by the visitor.

Some experienced Adsense users state that your earnings will definitely depend on the design of your ad unit. It’s not some plain theory – this fact has been proven thousands of times. If you make your ads unit good-looking one, it will bring you a lot.

What do I mean under ‘good-looking’? It means, that the user should not know that he is clicking Adsense ad unit. This can be achieved by several strategies, but the main one is the ‘masking’.

You’ve probably already noticed such an approach on different website. It’s realized as the imitation of website menu by the proper design of an ad. For better understanding of how it works, you’d better research some ‘Adsense-optimized designs’ on Google. They can show you, what this trick means.

Remember: your main task is to make user believe that he is  clicking some useful website link, but not an advertising. Your website should be relevant for this (first) and your ad unit text design must be the same, as your inner website design is.

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