Is your website good enough for Adsense?

Just like any other affiliate network, Google Adsense has its own rules and requirements for the publishers’ websites. If any of them doesn’t meet them, the program can ban the site and stop such a publisher’s activity. In order to avoid these troubles, you should follow some simple rules. Let’s discuss them here, in this article.

The first that Adsense pays attention to is the age of the websites. The programme doesn’t accept projects that are less than 6 months old. New websites can hardly get a high volume of traffic, it’s an obvious thing. So this rule allows filter them away. Only aged projects with some trust level are allowed to participate in the program.

The second requirement that is also important for Adsense is content. Google doesn’t accept sites with a single page; it also can ban projects with not enough text and data on the pages. Another important thing is the uniqueness of the content: the websites with copypasted texts aren’t allowed to participate as well.

Actually, there are many other requirements and limitations, set by Adsense. Any person who wants to work with this program and make money with her sites should follow them. In order to know all this information, some of the Google’s guidelines should be read before you apply to Adsense. There are so many restrictions on the content or rules for implementing the ads blocks, which should be followed by you! You should learn more about them before you start making money.

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