Is it possible to make money with non-English sites?

It’s not a secret that Adsense is an international program. It means that you can earn with this network even if you have the non-English website. For example, launching Russian site, you will get some visitors from this region. As a result, you will get some clicks and make some money as well. But are the earnings comparable to the money, made with English project? We don’t think so.

In general, the most top-paying countries in Adsense are the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. All of these regions are English-speaking; that’s why the owners of the sites with articles in English may benefit. Then the European sites come. Ads in German, French or Italian may bring some money too, but the cost of the click, as a rule, is lower. Finally, the third-world countries come. Even such English-speaking countries, as India or Nigeria, are less popular among the Adsense advertisers. That’s why this traffic costs much less – clicks from these countries may bring you $0.01-0.04. So, the question arises: is it possible to make real money with this traffic?

Actually, Adsense is a multinational program. It unites publishers and advertisers from different countries, making it possible to earn money with your sites in any region of the world. But a number of earnings, as well as the cost of living, varies. $100 in the USA is not equal $100 in India; that’s why the cost of each click is different. The population is much richer in the USA, Canada or Australia than in other countries in the world. That’s why advertisers are more interested in this traffic.

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