How to prepare your website before applying to Google Adsense?

It’s not a secret, that working with Google Adsense is regulated by their inside rules. In general, they are liberal and easy-for-applying, but there are some moments, which you should pay attention to. In this article we’ll discuss some steps, that you should make in order to apply your blog for Google Adsense.

1.Your website should have enough content, in order to be able to work with Adsense By ‘content’ they mean a text content in particular. So that you should know, that some photo galleries won’t be able to pass this ‘filter’.

2.Design is another key requirement for your blog. If it has simple white background and an ads in the middle – be sure, that you break Adsense rules, applying such a website.

3.Different contact pages (‘About Us’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Our policy’ and so on) are also a ‘must-have’ for Google. They are the confirmation, that your website is alive and active.

4.Other reasons for being rejected in Google Adsense include low-quality content, the absence of organic traffic etc. Illegal websites also are being rejected by the moderators from Google.

Also we’d like to advise you to learn more about this advertising network’s rules more, in order to not get banned right in the first days of your making money with your website.

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