How to predict the popular keywords for your website? (Part 1)

Each webmaster knows how it can be difficult to search for the new, trendy and actual keywords with a low level of competition. Most of the niches are taken already; and those, which are still available to get in, in most cases, are not so perspective, as we’d like to. So, we should use any available trick in order to get some fruitful keywords. Here we’d like to present a couple of them for you.

1.Google Trends

It’s not the secret, that Google has already launched a tool, that follows the most popular trends on the web. It shows, which topics were the most ‘hot’ on the web, depending on the date and the country. The only thing, you still need to do is gather some semantic core for some ‘tasty’ niche and to launch the website. Google Trends show popular things at the particular moment or in the past, but you can also predict, which of them will be still demanded in future. For example, it can be something like the launch of a new service or the start of new mobile phone sales.

2.Sport/political/entertaining events

Another way for searching the perspective niche is looking at the calendar of events. For example, some country’s referendum, elections or debates, either as new film launching, can be the great topic for your website. You can start doing SEO for it for couple of years before, in order to get some traffic in the future. Such tactics can be applied to any kind of event as well.

Watch some next interesting tips for good niche searching in our next article.

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