How to earn on Adsense with your news site?

The news is one of the most popular categories on the web. Millions of people are seeking for some recent information, concerning events that happened before. All of them are visiting the news sites – the volume of traffic in this niche is amazing. But if you run a news site, you still face some difficulties with monetizing it.

One of the main problem, which news sites face with is a lack of focus. The majority of visitors doesn’t pay enough attention to the sidebars of these websites – they simply look through the headings and read the text shortly. The duration of an average session of each visitor is not so high, that’s where the problem comes. It results in having small earnings with a pretty popular project. What is the probable solution for this?

The first thing you should do is analyzing the behaviour of your visitor. Google Analytics is the best tool to do it. You should simply set up Analytics code and gather some data, showing the way your visitor behaves. It may help you define, which type of news are the most viewable; which of them are read by the visitors, and which are ignored; find some strategy to create more engaging content, using the received information.

After this, you should think well. Is Adsense your best solution, or maybe you should try teasers? Or you should try making your ads block less visible? Make several experiments and see, what is the most effective approach to earning with Adsense, using your news site.

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