Google Adsense experiments – try different approaches and see the results!

As you know, there are many theoretical materials concerning Adsense and tips for work with this program. However, most of them work in some certain situations, but can’t be used as a rule in all the cases. That’s why Adsense specialists and experienced webmasters advise to experiment a lot, changing the tactics and approaches.

Google has even presented the special tool, called ‘Experiments’, in order to let their webmasters check different techniques to earning on websites. This tool is working pretty simply.

If you’d like to try different approaches to the advertising, shown on your website, you can create an ‘Experiment’ in your Google Adsense account. It will automatically allow the system to change some settings of you ad and compare the results with all of the data, which was received earlier. If the experiment brings some positive results, it will be marked in your account as a successful one. It means that you’ll be able to apply it for some of your ad units in order to increase your earnings.

However, you should also make some experiments on your own. Try to set different filters for the ad, deny some lowest-paid ads etc. The same approach can be applied to your ad units design settings: change the size, the color and the type of fonts in order to get several results and compare them finally. That’s a normal practice, which can bring you some more money in the result. So, don’t lose your opportunities to get some profit!

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