Fake clicks on Adsense may result in your ban

Some new users, who start working with Adsense network face one common problem. They think, that each cent matters, trying to gain $100 as faster as possible. As a result, these people do some ‘bad things’, which can bring some bad consequences. We are going to discuss this issue more in this article.

Have you ever heard of being banned in Adsense from some of your freinds? Maybe, you faced this problem yourself? Google Adsense bannes users for their rules’ violation, and the ban is applied forever – nobody can retrieve your account. That’s why it’s so important to follow Adsense guides, in order to avoid such situation.

One of the most common reason for being blocked in Adsense is fake clicks. They may be done by a webmaster or his frineds, which were asked by him. These clicks increase your account balance, bringing there a couple of dollars, but they create a risk of loosing the whole account as well. That’s why this article with such a warning may be useful for you.

If you think, that Google won’t track these clicks and everything will be fine – you are wrong. This system is constructed in such way, that it ‘knows’, whether it’s a real human, interested in the information behind the sponsored link, or just a person, who is asked to click.

As a result, if the system notices several clicks of your account, it leads to you permanent ban. So take care.

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