Common AdSense Mistakes

Using Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to earn money from blogging. With thousands of happy customers, AdSense has a reputation for always paying on time and with higher rates than all other networks. Because AdSense is so popular, there are many people that try taking advantage of the system. In response to this, Google AdSense has a strict approval system that must be met before being accepted. To help you get started, here are some common reasons AdSense may reject your application.

Unacceptable site content

Google takes great pride in their content it features, so they pay a lot of attention to the quality and content of your blog. You need to make sure it’s grammatically correct, unique and offers readers unique and valuable information. Poorly written content is the number one reason that applications get rejected.

Blog Design

A badly designed blog is not only a big turn off for readers, but does not meet the standards of Google AdSense. Poorly designed blogs are hard for readers to understand and unattractive to the eye.

No Privacy Policy

In order to get accepted by Google AdSense, you need to agree to their policies. One of these policies is that you must include a about us, contact us and privacy policy pages. It also gives your page a professional look that clients can trust.

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