Plan keywords for your website with Keyword Planner

Each website has the semantic core – a set of keywords, which are used for its content. We can also call it as a topic of any website.

If the owner is going to monetize his website, he puts Google Adsense code on its pages and gets income from visitors clicking his ad blocks. Naturally, the price per each click differs, depending on the CPC (the cost-per-click value). It can differ either from page to page, or depending on the ad unit. However, the biggest impact on the CPC parameter is made by the keywords, presented on a page.

This fact gives an opportunity to the website owner to increase the price of click on ads with adding some high-paid keywords. How can we find such ones? Right, with the help of Google Adwords Keyword Planner!

It’s a free service, provided by Google, which can definitely help us to find the most high-paid keywords and use them for our content.  Of course, they must be relevant to the whole topic of our resource and should look ‘organically’ on the page of our website.

In order to gain bigger profits from your website, plan keywords with Keyword Planner! This tool can advise you, which KWs are more valuable and, consequently, more profitable for you. Than start creating a proper content for them! It will make your website interesting and useful platform for your visitors. Yes, and this will also increase your earning from Adsense as well.

Keywords for Google, Keyword Planner and its opportunities

Keywords are a powerful tool, which is used by Google for different purposes at the same time. First of all, they let the search engines to define more or less relevant content and form some kind of search results page with the proper links from top to the end of a screen. The second role of keywords is played in advertising. They are also used to look for relevant ads to be shown on the pages of different websites.

Either publishers or webmasters use keywords for their purposes – to get more relevant traffic for their websites or landing pages. Each of them understands that keywords can bring them some profits if used wisely.

Whether you are a webmaster or a publisher, you should not waste an opportunity to waste your opportunity to gain more traffic and earnings as well! Use some free tools, provided by Google in order to help businesses. Adwords Keyword Planner is one of such tools.

It’s pretty easy-to-use, but, at the same time, it’s a very powerful tool, which has different functions. First of all, a keyword planner can show you the estimated amount of traffic, which can be brought to your page, if it takes the first place in SERP for some proper keywords. Than we can consider a Planner showing some estimated CPC for the given keywords. It’s a maximum cost for each visitor for a publisher and an estimated earning for one click for webmaster.

Besides, Planner can give you some ideas for other related keywords. Using them, you can create more content for your site and, as a result, to gain more traffic.

Long keywords in Adsense

As we know, there are different types of keywords on the web. All of them can be divided either according to its topic or according to its length and the number of words included. This article will concern the second classification – we’ll research the length of keywords as a key factor to their level of competition and the price of a click.

So, first we’d like to say, that there are either long-tail keywords (like, for example, ‘where can I buy an ice-cream?’) or a short-tail ones (like ‘ice-cream’). It’s obvious, that the density of the first one differs from the density of the second. It is explained simply by the difference of number of people, who searched for each of the phrase. As the result, the popularity, the number of traffic and the competition in both of the niches are absolutely different.

It’s possible to say, that long-tail keywords are easier to work with, than the short-tail ones. Webmasters state, that it’s easier to optimize a webpage for some long phrases, than for some short ones. So, if you’ve just launched the website, it’s better for you to aim on the long keywords niches.

However, the competition can be also differ, if we are talking about some ‘hot’ long-tail KWs. For example, a visitor, who searches for ‘buy iphone 6s new york’ costs much more than the person, who googles ‘iphone’. The reason is in the relevance – those visitors, who search for the general form of keyword, are monetized worse than the user, who is going to do some certain action. So you should mind it if you are doing SEO for your website.

Searching for the ‘Top-100’ high-paid keywords for your future website

Have you ever met the list of ‘top-paying keywords’ on the web? I’ve done. And I think that it’s not necessary to look for the top-paying keywords for getting some good earnings with Adsense. You can use these lists whether just for fun or as a source of ideas, which niche could you choose for your next website. But, in the second case, it’s better for you not to use certainly ‘high-paid’ keywords, but pay attention to their topic and to the sphere of business, which they are connected with.

If we glance at the ‘top-paid’ list, we’ll see some general, one-word length keywords from the most competitive niches. It’s obvious that it would be difficult for you to get in the top of SERP of Google in these niches. However, you can start searching for long-tail words, related to these ones.

Let’s take, for example, such super-competitive search phrases, as ‘rolete’ or ‘live blackjack’. With no doubt, the top-10 websites from these niches have spent hundreds of thousands on their SEO (maybe even more) in order to take the leading positions. You can just start looking for some very long-tail words from their topic in order to gain a relevant traffic. After creation of the website, you can start promoting it, doing some SEO and, as a result, earning on Adsense or some affiliate programs as well.

Of course, our gambling example is wrong because that’s not the most appropriate niche to start with. You’d better try something less competitive (though, it doesn’t appear in ‘top-100’ high-paid list).

Looking for the ‘hottest’ keywords for your website

As we know, it’s not so simple to find the perfect high-paid keywords for our project in order to fill it with the proper content. Most of the known ‘hot’ niches with low competitiveness and high cost-per-click have already become much more competitive, than it was before. That’s why any webmaster should take care of the right keywords set for his website. Here are some tools, which can help you do that.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

The first one, which is, probably, the most popular service in the world, is a Google Adwords tool, called Keyword Planner. It shows several characteristics, including the density of keyword searches, the average CPC and the level of competition in the niche. Planner can also give you some suggestions about your future content and its niche. That is the public solution, so be ready, that your competitors use it as well.

Market Samurai

One more famous tool for keywords niche research is Market Samurai. It has the same principle of work, as Adwords Keywords Planner (and, frankly speaking, it has the same features). It’s a desktop program, which is much more convenient to use, – that’s the only significant argument. Besides, this software is not free, so that it’s not available for everyone.


That is one more paid service, which also has same functions, as the Google Planner. The difference is in its opportunities and functionality (it’s a little bit wider, than Google’s free service.

Google Adsense experiments – try different approaches and see the results!

As you know, there are many theoretical materials concerning Adsense and tips for work with this program. However, most of them work in some certain situations, but can’t be used as a rule in all the cases. That’s why Adsense specialists and experienced webmasters advise to experiment a lot, changing the tactics and approaches.

Google has even presented the special tool, called ‘Experiments’, in order to let their webmasters check different techniques to earning on websites. This tool is working pretty simply.

If you’d like to try different approaches to the advertising, shown on your website, you can create an ‘Experiment’ in your Google Adsense account. It will automatically allow the system to change some settings of you ad and compare the results with all of the data, which was received earlier. If the experiment brings some positive results, it will be marked in your account as a successful one. It means that you’ll be able to apply it for some of your ad units in order to increase your earnings.

However, you should also make some experiments on your own. Try to set different filters for the ad, deny some lowest-paid ads etc. The same approach can be applied to your ad units design settings: change the size, the color and the type of fonts in order to get several results and compare them finally. That’s a normal practice, which can bring you some more money in the result. So, don’t lose your opportunities to get some profit!

Use this tricks to increase your Adsense earnings!

The experienced webmasters state that your revenue with Adsense can differ if you customize your ads appearance. That’s why you should always keep on experimenting with the settings in order to find the perfect solution. In this article we’ll describe some basic strategies, which can make your ad more clickable and profitable as well.

  1. Image or text

The most popular question, which arises before any webmaster, is whether we should switch our advertising to banner image or to the text format in order to gain better financial results.

As experiments show, everything depends on the niche of your website, the keywords that are used and the design of the ads image. Sometimes this strategy works well. We can advice you to enable both banner and text-links ads in order to increase your potential earnings.

  1. Website elements imitation

One more example of the successful Adsense trick is a button imitation. This technique is used for different file sharing websites, where the user is proposed to download some digital content. The Adsense block is placed in the center of the page, so that the user thinks he should click it in order to get his file. Using this trick, you should be sure that you don’t break Google Adsense rules.

  1. A ‘Wait’ page

One more interesting strategy is a ‘Wait for 30 seconds’ page with Adsense creation. It can be also used in case you work with some file sharing platform or so, when a banner or a link is demonstrated to the user.

You can use many others tricks in order to increase your Adsense earnings. But you need to learn some basic rules of the system first, in order to avoid your account suspension.

Allow and deny: manage your advertisers for better results!

Google Adsense provides each webmaster for the set of tools, which allow him to manage his projects in details. One of such tools is the management of advertisers. It allows each webmaster to control, which adverts will be shown on his website. There can be several ways to use it.

Get rid of competitors!

Google Adsense can be used by your competitors widely. That’s a well-known strategy, which is based on the demonstration of the competitors’ ads on the page of your website. Of course, it’s a good way for them to promote their services among your clients and, on the other hand, it’s your risks to lose clients as well. Adsense has a solution for this issue. You can deny showing your competitors’ websites on your site, so that they won’t be able to get your visitors.

Choose the most generous advertisers

Another way to use Adsense service for control of the advertisers is to deny those, who make the lowest bids and pay to you the minimal prices. You should check your revenues statistics in order to detect, which advertisers pay you the least. After this you can add their accounts to the special filter and to exclude them from your ads feed. Consequently, only the most generous companies with the highest prices for click will be left!

The filter for your advertisers can be a powerful tool for improving your earnings. It can also protect your business if you set it to deny your competitors. All you need is just an analysis of your statistics in order to get the proper information. All the rest is up to Adsense.

Mask an ad unit on your website

One of the greatest advantages of Google Adsense is its universal approach to advertising on the web. Though it has some strict rules and different regulations, this service also gives us some freedom, which is presented, for example, by different design of an ad unit. You have the full right of choice of how the advertisement on your website will look like and how it will be seen by the visitor.

Some experienced Adsense users state that your earnings will definitely depend on the design of your ad unit. It’s not some plain theory – this fact has been proven thousands of times. If you make your ads unit good-looking one, it will bring you a lot.

What do I mean under ‘good-looking’? It means, that the user should not know that he is clicking Adsense ad unit. This can be achieved by several strategies, but the main one is the ‘masking’.

You’ve probably already noticed such an approach on different website. It’s realized as the imitation of website menu by the proper design of an ad. For better understanding of how it works, you’d better research some ‘Adsense-optimized designs’ on Google. They can show you, what this trick means.

Remember: your main task is to make user believe that he is  clicking some useful website link, but not an advertising. Your website should be relevant for this (first) and your ad unit text design must be the same, as your inner website design is.

Use psychology to earn more on Adsense!

The experienced webmasters, who work with Adsense, have a theory. They claim that you can earn money on your website only in case you understand the psychology of user, his motivation for some certain behavior. You should look at your website with a 3rt-person’s eyes in order to realize, what you are doing and  why. However, such an approach can make your online-page much more profitable. Here is what it means.


First of all you should take care of the place on your website, where you’d like to paste your Adsense code on. That is the part of your page, which is most seen by a user, who comes here at first. For example, you should pay attention to the places for ad units on Google Search page. They are left top corner of subheader and a sidebar. You can use these places as well, in order to start testing the profits from your ads.


One more important factor is the format of ad. It can be whether dynamic banner or a static text – it depends on the content of your website and on its design. You can choose to show either both of ad units types, or some certain one. Such experiments can show you, which type will bring you more profits.

Next steps

After you’ve launched Adsense ad on your website, you can move on and add some new ad units or change the format of installed ones. All these experiments will show you, which decision was more profitable than the others. You can use this experience for your next Adsense websites too.