Allow and deny: manage your advertisers for better results!

Google Adsense provides each webmaster for the set of tools, which allow him to manage his projects in details. One of such tools is the management of advertisers. It allows each webmaster to control, which adverts will be shown on his website. There can be several ways to use it.

Get rid of competitors!

Google Adsense can be used by your competitors widely. That’s a well-known strategy, which is based on the demonstration of the competitors’ ads on the page of your website. Of course, it’s a good way for them to promote their services among your clients and, on the other hand, it’s your risks to lose clients as well. Adsense has a solution for this issue. You can deny showing your competitors’ websites on your site, so that they won’t be able to get your visitors.

Choose the most generous advertisers

Another way to use Adsense service for control of the advertisers is to deny those, who make the lowest bids and pay to you the minimal prices. You should check your revenues statistics in order to detect, which advertisers pay you the least. After this you can add their accounts to the special filter and to exclude them from your ads feed. Consequently, only the most generous companies with the highest prices for click will be left!

The filter for your advertisers can be a powerful tool for improving your earnings. It can also protect your business if you set it to deny your competitors. All you need is just an analysis of your statistics in order to get the proper information. All the rest is up to Adsense.

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