Ad placement policies in Adsense (Part 2)

We continue telling more about the ad placement policies in Google Adsense. In order to avoid the unnatural clicks, the program doesn’t allow stimulating the visitor to make any clicks. For example, such signs as: “Help us” or “Support our project”, placed near the block of ads, aren’t allowed.

Another restriction relates to the images on your website. It’s not allowed to create images, making a user think that the image is related to the ads offering, in order to increase the clickability of this ads. This is a rude violation of Adsense rules that may result in a ban.

When designing your website and implementing Adsense, you should also remember about some rules. The first one is that ads can’t go before the site content. Making a visitor see your ads first and then the content is a violation of the rules. In this case, users can make some unnatural clicks, which won’t be converted by the advertiser.

Google Adsense also prohibits offering any compensations for the visitor for making clicks. Rewards for ‘clicking the banner’ or any other type of activity violate Adsense rules. They result in unnatural clicks and a ban for your account.

You should also be careful with putting the ads on the specific, empty pages. For example, the ‘404 error’ page may be a good place for your ads, due to its emptiness, but Adsense won’t like it. It makes the user believe that it’s the actual content of this page, which will result in the irrelevant clicks as well.

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