How to earn on Adsense with your news site?

The news is one of the most popular categories on the web. Millions of people are seeking for some recent information, concerning events that happened before. All of them are visiting the news sites – the volume of traffic in this niche is amazing. But if you run a news site, you still face some difficulties with monetizing it.

One of the main problem, which news sites face with is a lack of focus. The majority of visitors doesn’t pay enough attention to the sidebars of these websites – they simply look through the headings and read the text shortly. The duration of an average session of each visitor is not so high, that’s where the problem comes. It results in having small earnings with a pretty popular project. What is the probable solution for this?

The first thing you should do is analyzing the behaviour of your visitor. Google Analytics is the best tool to do it. You should simply set up Analytics code and gather some data, showing the way your visitor behaves. It may help you define, which type of news are the most viewable; which of them are read by the visitors, and which are ignored; find some strategy to create more engaging content, using the received information.

After this, you should think well. Is Adsense your best solution, or maybe you should try teasers? Or you should try making your ads block less visible? Make several experiments and see, what is the most effective approach to earning with Adsense, using your news site.

Making money with your hobby site with Adsense

There are many popular websites, related to some hobbies. They may be quite popular if this website’s owner is really interested in the topic of this project. It may become even something better than the usual website, growing its own community and a constant audience.

However, popularity still doesn’t guarantee high income from Adsense, as well as from any other source. It’s not a secret that hobby-related web sites are difficult in monetization, especially if the topic of the project is pretty specific. Sometimes people,  visiting such communities, don’t pay attention to the Adsense banners, what leaves the website owner with no earnings. So, how can you monetize your hobby site better?

First of all, we should mention that these advices may suit for any kind of project you run. The best solution that you can have for making money is selling something. Is your project related to fishing? Then sell fishing accessories. Do you have a community of joggers? Sell accessories for running. Find goods that may be interesting for your audience and start reviewing them. In this case, Adsense blocks would look more naturally and will be much more useful.

If Adsense brings no good results, you still can try any other ways to monetize your website. For example, putting some affiliate links into the posts on your blog will bring you some customers and a commission for each sale. Or you can start your own online shop, making money as a seller.

The key thing for increasing your earnings in this way is experimenting. Try something new, compare the results and get more money!

Is it possible to make money with non-English sites?

It’s not a secret that Adsense is an international program. It means that you can earn with this network even if you have the non-English website. For example, launching Russian site, you will get some visitors from this region. As a result, you will get some clicks and make some money as well. But are the earnings comparable to the money, made with English project? We don’t think so.

In general, the most top-paying countries in Adsense are the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. All of these regions are English-speaking; that’s why the owners of the sites with articles in English may benefit. Then the European sites come. Ads in German, French or Italian may bring some money too, but the cost of the click, as a rule, is lower. Finally, the third-world countries come. Even such English-speaking countries, as India or Nigeria, are less popular among the Adsense advertisers. That’s why this traffic costs much less – clicks from these countries may bring you $0.01-0.04. So, the question arises: is it possible to make real money with this traffic?

Actually, Adsense is a multinational program. It unites publishers and advertisers from different countries, making it possible to earn money with your sites in any region of the world. But a number of earnings, as well as the cost of living, varies. $100 in the USA is not equal $100 in India; that’s why the cost of each click is different. The population is much richer in the USA, Canada or Australia than in other countries in the world. That’s why advertisers are more interested in this traffic.

Searching for the top paying keywords in Google

When you do earning with Google Adsense, you should always think well about the keywords, you are oriented on. They are something like a strategy for your website, which allows bringing more visitors to your project.

Many webmasters target on some low-competition keywords, in order to get higher positions in Google and, at the same time, to increase the number of visitors they have. However, if we are talking about earning with Adsense, it’s not such a good strategy. Here is the answer.

Google Adsense has such an important value, which influences your earnings greatly, as a cost per click. It shows, how much money you will earn per each click, made on your ads. So, multipliyng this value the number of clicks allows getting the actual amount of money you earn.

If you target some low-competitive keywords, your CPC, just as your income, may differ.

That’s why a lot of professional marketing specialists advise looking for the keywords with a big number of advertisers. It would then mean, that that the clicks on the ads, shown in the SERP for these keywords, a paid well. But how to find such niches?

Google will help you! Turn off your ad blocker plugin (if you are using such one at the moment) and type the keywords you have in the Google search. If you see any sponsored links in the top of a page, you may be sure, that the niche you are aiming has some perspective to work for. It guarantees profits from your website in the future.


Text & Image or just a Text?

As we know, Google Adsense allows turning both text ads only and the rich media (banner & images) as well. However, the user is offered to choose, whether he wants to see all kind of ads on his website, or just some one certain type. In this article we’d like to discuss this question – which kind of advertising is preferred for the higher earnings on your project.


There are several common opinions. The first one, for example, claims, that you can earn more, if you mask your Adsense sponsored links to the design of your website. For examle, you pick such kind of ads design, which imitates your navigational menu, which makes your user sure, that he still surfes your website. As a result, he isn’t afraid of clicking the links (though he would ignore the banner, realising, that it’s just an advertising).


There is also another approach. According to this, you should better choose an option of showing both text and image ads. The explanation for such a choice is simple: a system chooses, which type of ads will be shown next, according to the bid of advertisers. That’s why more expensive ads will be shown.

This strategy, as many blogers say, is a more profitable. It either brings you the most expensive clicks, or allows your user click attractive banners as well.
In our mind, you should choose the option according to the type of the website you work with. Howeover, the best advise ever is experimenting and trying different solutions, watching the results.