Fake clicks on Adsense may result in your ban

Some new users, who start working with Adsense network face one common problem. They think, that each cent matters, trying to gain $100 as faster as possible. As a result, these people do some ‘bad things’, which can bring some bad consequences. We are going to discuss this issue more in this article.

Have you ever heard of being banned in Adsense from some of your freinds? Maybe, you faced this problem yourself? Google Adsense bannes users for their rules’ violation, and the ban is applied forever – nobody can retrieve your account. That’s why it’s so important to follow Adsense guides, in order to avoid such situation.

One of the most common reason for being blocked in Adsense is fake clicks. They may be done by a webmaster or his frineds, which were asked by him. These clicks increase your account balance, bringing there a couple of dollars, but they create a risk of loosing the whole account as well. That’s why this article with such a warning may be useful for you.

If you think, that Google won’t track these clicks and everything will be fine – you are wrong. This system is constructed in such way, that it ‘knows’, whether it’s a real human, interested in the information behind the sponsored link, or just a person, who is asked to click.

As a result, if the system notices several clicks of your account, it leads to you permanent ban. So take care.

The hardest $100 on Adsense

Google Adsense’s minimum amount of money to withdraw, according to the rules of the network, is equal to $100. It’s a well-known fact; that’s why each new member of Adsense, especially if he has just started his blog recently, dreams of earning this first hundred as faster, as possible. It allows withdraw the money and get the check. However, as the experienced bloggers claim, this first $100 is the most difficult-to-be-earned. Why is that?


The explanation for this fact is pretty simple. When you start earning with Adsense, in most cases you get the pure, unpopular website with 10 articles and zero visitors. Obviously, it brings no clicks for your ads and no cash to your bank account.

The time goes, and your blog gets some visitors. The number of clicks increases, and some first cents get on your balance. The ads earns your first dollars.


However, moving from, let’s say, $2.41 on your balance to $100 is pretty difficult. If your blog is new, you have no enough visitors to make enough clicks. As a result, you slowly move to $10, $12, $15 and so on. It takes long months, or even couple of years, to receive your first paycheck. But then things go faster.

The experienced bloggers (like the author of DailyBlogMoney, for example) confirm this statement. Most of them start earning slowly, showing their patience and hard work, in order to get the first $100. But with time the popularity of a blog grows, and the numbers grow faster as well.

Big articles bring bigger profits in Adsense

Many people, who are new to Adsense, have a common question. It relates to the amount of content you should post on your website, in order to get some cash from this. Naturally, each webmaster wants posting less content (due to the time and money expenses, connected with this). At the same time, each website owner wants to get more profits, so that’s how the question arises. We tried to analyse some facts, in order to find an answer.

So, why bigger article is better, than the smaller one? SEO is the first thing, which benefits from writing a big post. Under the ‘big’ an article, containing 600-700 words is meant. More words allow posting more keywords inside the text, leaving it natural still. At the same time, if you post several keywords in a row in one sentence – it will look terrible. Mixing KWs with other parts of your article will improve your website.

The place for ads is another benefit from writing big posts. Let’s say, if you insert 3 banners on one page, you should ‘mix’ them with text, in order to make it look natural. The more content you have – the more space for banners is available. As a result, it increases the chance, that a visitor will click your ads, bringing you some cash.

Besides the mentioned above facts, big articles may be more interesting for your visitors. If we are talking about really precious content, your visitors will be glad to read it.

Topic of your blog influences your Adsense earnings

In the previous articles we’ve already mentioned some important factors, that influence the amount of money, you earn with Adsense. CPC, your niche competitivness, the number of visitors you have and so on. In this article we’d like to talk about another important thing, such as the topic.

There is a limitless number of topics you can cover in your blog. You can write either about some broad topics, like the ‘financial news’, or you can keep posting to your blog about some daily routine of your car. Both of the projects may be successful enought, they can become popular and get some audience. But, on the other side, the profits from each of the blogs will be different.

Choosing the topic for your blog, you should first understand, whether it’s commercial or not. The commercial topics are much higher paid, than the non-commercials do. That’s why you should pay attention to this fact, if you run your project for making money. If your blog’s main aim is different (maybe it’s just your hobby and you are writing there for pleasure), than you don’t need thinking of this.

However, you should not start a blog just because it belongs to the profitable niche. It won’t be interesting for you in the future, as well as the competinion on this market may be much higher.

At the same time, you can use some other way to monetize your blog, except of Adsense. Promoting some Amazon items, selling an access to the closed VIP-section of the blog and so on – all of them may bring some cash for you.