Increasing your website traffic rapidly

Any website has some problems with a lack of traffic just at the beginning of its life. If you have no content on your blog, you won’t have visitors as well. As a result, you will see no clicks on your Adsense links, either as no money. In order to solve this issue, we offer some quick tips for your attention. Please, use them for growing your online project’s popularity.

1.Find what your visitors want

When someone visits your website, this person definitely knows, what she is searching for. Your task is to guess, whether it will be a useful content, or not. And, surely, you should continue posting things, that are demanded.

2.Write about the coming things

There is such a simple strategy for bringing more traffic to your website, as posting some information about the coming soon projects. For example, you can write about a model of the smartphone, which hasn’t been released yet. It will bring more users to your site just after the release of this thing.

3.Look at your competitors’ success

Search the websites, which may be called as your direct competitors, who have already become successful. You can find those projects on the first page of Google easily. Start analysing, what is the reason for their success, which strategies do they use and what makes them so significant. Use this knowledge, in order to improve your website.

These tips will make your site more popular, which will result in an increase of your Adsense earnings as well.

Why I don’t like Google Adsense

Without any doubt, Adsense is a great way of income for thousands of people, running their websites and blogs. However, there are several factors, which make this advertising network not so great, as it could be. Let’s check them out.

1.Adsense ‘steals’ your visitors. Right, when a person clicks ads on the pages of your website, he or she is automatically redirected to the advertiser’s website. It’s normal, but it’s a fact. The new page isn’t opening in another tab of the user’s browser.

2.You need to get approved. If you are new to Adsense, your website should get an approval to work in the network. It may be not so easy, even if it’s old enough.

3.Adsense’s support is too slow. If you need to ask them anything, you will probably wait for several days, before getting the response.

4.Bans are permanent. If you break the Adsense’s rules, they will definitely ban you and your websites. If so, you won’t be able to recover. The system doesn’t work with publishers again after their banning.

5.Low click prices. Adsense offers too low prices for click if only your visitors don’t come from the US, Canada or Western Europe. The price for click in India or China may be much lower.

6.Waiting for the check is another reason to hate Adsense. You can’t get your money from them directly, using any online service. You need to get your check, which may be delivering for days or even weeks.

Keep your blog in a good shape to earn more

Earning with Adsense is not so easy, but it’s still real, if you own any website or a blog. The only thing you need is a good traffic, visiting your project. However, it can be achieved only if you keep your blog in a good SEO-shape. What does it mean?

1.The content. Writing a great content for your website is precious. If you post something really valuable for your visitors, – they will definitely come again. So, please, don’t optimize junk, trying to get it ranked well. Think about the long perspective, writing some quality posts. If you don’t like this idea, – you can always hire some writers to complete this job for you.

2.The design. A great content on your website is a ‘must-have’, but another important thing is the appearance of your project. Today good design is a way to connect with the user, making your website as convenient, as possible.

3.SEO. Of course, interesting and beautiful blogs are great. But if you don’t think of the SEO, you won’t probably get any visitor at all. So, optimize each of your pages. Research the keywords, relevant to your niche. Aim some of them, placing them into the pages of your blog. Do your best, to rank the first position.

4.Linkbuilding. Build external links for your blog in any way you can. Search for the link exchanging communities, make some guest posts, write some interesting articles for other websites with the link to your project.

All of these tips can lead you to a great blog in a good shape, which will let you earn with Adsense.

Starting business with Adsense from $1

Many people, listening to the gurus, who tell about earning thousands dollars on Adsense, have a strong desire to start such kind of business on their own. However, it may seem to be too expensive and difficult, to do it. Especially, if we tell about the passive income with Adsense, which would allow making some money for living.

In this article we’d like to tell you, that the real requirement to start with Adsense is your desire. All of the other things are optional.

The sense of this article is pretty simple – don’t afraid of starting. You can buy a new GLT domain name for as low as $0.99 (AlpNames, NameCheap and so on) and attach it to any kind of a free hosting you know (Weebly, for example). After this install the website, post some content and start its promoting all over the web. It’s a simple strategy, which can lead you to success.

The content must aim some niche, which is not much competitive. Research the keywords in this niche and create the proper content. You can read more about search enging optimization for your project, using Google.

Some 20-30 articles are enough to start with. After their posting they’ll be indexed by the search engines (Google in particular). From this moment they can potentially bring some new visitors for your website. Then you should get some backlinks for your website, in order to increase its search rank.

Let’s say, if you have not just $1, but $10 or $100 – you can scale up this business easily, creating optimized content and promoting your websites on the web.