Searching for the long tail keywords

Any SEO-specialist knows, that targeting long tail keywords is the only way to attract any new visitor. No matter, if you are working with some high- or low-competitive subject, you should always start with a long-tail keyword. It is you chance to get some top positions and increase your traffic in the future. Another question is how to find these keywords and aim the most profitable of them. Let’s talk about in this article.

1.Google suggestions

The most popular tool to look for the long tail keywords is Google suggestions. This name is used for the mechanism in the Google search engine, which shows you the suggestions when you do the search. For example, it can continue some of your phrases. These suggestions are the keywords, searched for by the users. It means, that there must be some traffic in Google, looking for these phrases. Optimizing your website correctly, you can catch it pretty easily.

2.Google Trends

Another good service for discovering some long tail niches is Trends by Google. It can also show some related queries, which are the best result for those, who do the keyword research.

3.Special services

There is a bunch of services, which allow you to find some profitable long tail keywords for your niche. They can be either paid, or the free ones – depending on the opportunities they provide. Such services offer some additional services as well, analyzing the competitors’ websites and much more.

SEO is a key to increasing your Adsense earnings

It’s not a secret, that Google pays much attention to the SEO side of any website. You Adsense earnings is not the exception. If you want your project to bring you some income, you should care of different criteria, used by the search engines, in order to provide them with as much information about your content, as possible. Let’s mention some simple examples.

Let’s imagine, that you have a special ‘members-only’ section for some premium users. Naturally, it’s not presented in the SERP, so Adsense crawler has no access to it. If you don’t want to get any kind of irrelevant ads on these pages (and, by the way, if you don’t want to lose you money as well), – just allow Adsense bot to scan the pages. It can be made with the help of Google bots IPs, which can be found on the web. Using them, you can give an access to the users with this IP range, so that Google will be able to get the most relevant ads. Besides, your premium users will be satisfied as well.

Another good example is splitting your Google Adsense into the Custom Channels. It’s used for the advertisers, who prefer buying ads in different sections of your website. For example, let’s say, you have ‘Sports’ and ‘IT’ ones. Adding the custom channels allows you to get more relevant ads and, as a result, earning more. Besides, your users will be more satisfied with the ads they see as well.

How to prepare your website before applying to Google Adsense?

It’s not a secret, that working with Google Adsense is regulated by their inside rules. In general, they are liberal and easy-for-applying, but there are some moments, which you should pay attention to. In this article we’ll discuss some steps, that you should make in order to apply your blog for Google Adsense.

1.Your website should have enough content, in order to be able to work with Adsense By ‘content’ they mean a text content in particular. So that you should know, that some photo galleries won’t be able to pass this ‘filter’.

2.Design is another key requirement for your blog. If it has simple white background and an ads in the middle – be sure, that you break Adsense rules, applying such a website.

3.Different contact pages (‘About Us’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Our policy’ and so on) are also a ‘must-have’ for Google. They are the confirmation, that your website is alive and active.

4.Other reasons for being rejected in Google Adsense include low-quality content, the absence of organic traffic etc. Illegal websites also are being rejected by the moderators from Google.

Also we’d like to advise you to learn more about this advertising network’s rules more, in order to not get banned right in the first days of your making money with your website.

Regular content posting increases your revenue

As we know, search engines pay tribute to the websites, which provide their users with regular publications on interesting topics. Let’s say, if we take two websites and compare them, the higher ranking in SERP will be given to the one, which provides its visitors with posts every day/week/months; but the one, which has a couple of posts in several months. It’s obvious, that a regular project has much more responsibility for its content.

Higher SERP-ranking is a straight way to increasing the number of your visitors. Let’s say, it’s the higher volume of your traffic and, as a result, the bigger amount of your ads views. And it influences your revenue positively, as well.

So, online marketing specialists are right. Build your content strategy first, in order to get the higher ranking from search engines and earn more. This will also bring more visitors to you website’s pages and, as a result, will allow you to create your community with more success.

But how can a regular content posting be achieved? It’s either simple or difficult questions. It’s obvious, that the only thing you need for constant posting is some certain amount of articles (like, let’s say, 30-50 pieces in a month), in order to fill your website. However, they must be planned well, in order to get some audience. It requires either a responsible copywriter or a good content budget from your side.

If you do it well, this approach will bring you some nice results in bigger Adsense revenues and attractive checks from Google.